2PM 2014 Japan Arena Tour Osaka Fan Account Part 3

March 5, 2014 - Open Rehearsals!

This day we actually planned on going to visit Osaka Castle in the morning, be at the Hall at 12nn for the Rehearsal then just stay for the concert at night. Unfortunately we were so tired from the night before and we woke up very late. Haha! We woke up just in time for lunch. Kkk. Zeke arrived that morning as well and we had lunch together before heading to Osaka Jo Hall. The morning was quite rainy, and it was very cold having to wait outside before they started letting people queue for the Rehearsal. That’s also another thing I observed among JHottests. They’re so orderly. They really did not make any lines before the ushers told them it was okay to start forming lines.

Rehearsal Pass Sticker 

For the rehearsal pass, they sent the winners an email Monday afternoon. You just click on their link, enter your serial number and email address and you are given an assigned seat for the rehearsal. I love that they’re so organized. On the day, you’d only need to bring an ID plus a screencap of that final page that shows a QR code, your assigned seat number, name and birthday. It’s important that your screencap shows your full name and birthday because they will cross-check that with the ID you are presenting. My seat for the rehearsal was in section H, first row. I was so near the right stage! I initially preferred a seat in the first floor (arena) but it all worked out well as it turns out those seats nearest the side stage are very good for fanservice because the members take their time to stand there.

When we got inside, I found out I was actually sitting on an aisle seat. Across my row sat a young chansung fan. She was so cute, she tried conversing with me at the beginning but it was quite difficult so the conversation eventually died. She was so sweet though. Soon enough, the rest of the people on my row arrived. Right next to me was another jangppa. She’s quite older and she actually told me to call her ahjumma. Ahaha! Then next to her was a bunch of junho fans. Before the concert started, jangppa ahjumma talked to me so much. She was so surprised when I told her I came from the Philippines just to watch the concert. She really took care of me, telling me to move my things under the seat so I can lean over the rail to see 2pm better, she also told me to get all my stuff (as in my lightstick, towel and fanboard) ready so I don’t miss anything. Hehe. Before the concert started, she also handed me a roll of 2pm’s confetti foil. Awwww <3 We never got a chance to get our own the whole three nights because it would only fall on the first floor so I was so thankful she gave me Wooyoung, Chansung, Taec and Jun.K’s ribbons <3 http://instagram.com/p/lKAnXqKRjU/

Security was also so much tighter for the rehearsal. When I first got inside, there was an usher standing right by my row and he would announce something in Japanese - presumably a reminder of the no camera, no video, no upload rule. And he would be so committed to that announcement that he would repeat it every time someone new sits in our section. He would even be walking around the rows, sometimes standing right beside me, sometimes on the other end of my row.

My Seat! I took this just when I got in and the usher was busy with something else. Haha! Like I said, I was so scared to take any photos because of super tight security.. :(

Before the boys came out, the staff was doing their own sound check over the speakers. It was quite funny not understanding what they were saying so that was quite entertaining while waiting for the program to start.

A video of the members backstage started playing, I can’t tell if it was live or pre-recorded and it happened so fast and I was still in shock that I don’t remember the outfits they wore for the video. It was just a short introduction of the day’s guests, GOT7! The kids came out really lively, did this awesome dance intro (same one they did for the debut stage) and started singing Follow Me. Jackson even yelled out, ‘LET’S GO!’ very enthusiastically before they started! They had so much energy and attitude those babies! Impressive rookies, indeed! Mark really stood out in the beginning and ppl would go Oooh, Wow! Or Sugoi! Everytime he did flips. Bambam was so cute and adorable and tiny I wanted to bring him home ahaha. I remember some screaming each time BamBam did his cute lines for Follow Me. Jr. looked so friendly, he smiled the most. He did this huge heart sign with his arms to our direction and i couldn’t help but squeal. Jangppa ahjumma laughed at me. LOL. Youngjae seemed a little shy at the beginning but when he started singing, he got comfortable really quickly. Jackson was really wild and sexy! The amount of charisma and confidence that boy has!! He’s so cheeky too. I love him for being so outgoing. He had so much energy, he tried so hard to get the crowd hyped. JB really impressed me as well, he’s really handsome and you can tell he’s got stage experience. He knows how to work it on stage. He tried really hard to interact with the audience while performing. He would make eye contact with the fans sitting below and he would come close to us in the sides to get us excited too. He would try and encourage everyone to do the Got7, Got got 7 move. It made it so fun! Lastly Yugyeom. Ah Yugyeom. When they first came out I didn’t really notice him right away but when he rapped for Follow Me, he got my focus and I was just taken aback by how handsome he was. Ugggh. So young though, so so young. This is my dilemma. I just cannot accept that I’m stanning yugyeom even though he’s all so cute and manly at the same time. Well the heart wants what it wants and eventually I just accepted the fact that I liked this kid, A LOT. Ahaha! After the first song, they did quick introductions in Japanese. The fans beside me were quite impressed that they could speak Japanese already. From what I could tell, it seems like Mark, BamBam and JB are the sliiiightly more popular ones. Hehe.

Next they started performing Girls Girls Girls but since I’ve seen it so many times online already, plus my view from the side wasn’t that great.. my eyes started to wander and I was so surprised because I could see 2pm standing backstage from where I sat!!! I don’t know how long they’ve been there but I could clearly see Taec, Jun. K and Junho standing in front. Wooyoung was at the back as well, wearing sunglasses. I’m so sorry to Got7 babies but from there I just paid attention to oppars. Haha. Noonar will make it up to you, I promise. Ahaha.

2pm was being their dorky selves back there. I think they knew some fans could see them but they didn’t really care. Haha! I could see Taec and Jun.K doing the GGG choreography each time for the choruses. Junho joined them in doing it too but only some times. He would just stand there with this arms crossed otherwise. Haha! Taec and Jun.K seemed to have a blast jamming to GGG. They were bouncing along the song the whole time. For the second verse, Taec even crouched on his knees and did Yugyeom’s dance! It was so funny because he actually cleared some space for himself by asking Jun.K and Junho to stand back and then he did it in slow-mo and with exaggerated movements! Hahaha!! TROLL.

After GGG, Got7’s set was over. I was kinda disappointed they only performed 2 songs but I’m glad I got to see them anyway. When Got7 exited the stage, 2PM came out~!! At this point, jangppa ahjumma beside me started pulling closer to the stage. Weee. Everyone in our row was squishing to move closer and closer to the right stage. As we moved closer I realized how close oppars would be. I can definitely see them clearly even when they were standing in the middle of the stage. So close that I could see details on their shoes kkk.

They came out doing some soft sounds on their mics, actually doing mic test.. Hehe. At some point, Wooyoung clearly said, ‘Heol’ and Taec replied ‘Aigooyah’ ahaha cute. Junho was doing random ‘Aaaah’ ‘Aaaaaaaah’ in the background. Haha. Then they did introductions and started with Lasting Heart. The members started walking around in different directions and Wooyoung came to our side! /CRYING. He walked really slowly like seriously my heart rate was rising just watching him walk closer and closer to us!! Uggh. Oppar, my heart!! He wasn’t looking at us and kept looking at the floor while walking ahaha I don’t know why. He was wearing sunglasses and a cap. I took out my Philippines <3 JWY banner and when jangppa ahjumma saw it, she pulled me even closer to the stage. Huhu I am so thankful to her. When Wooyoung finally reached the end of the stage, he was like 10 feet away from me. Really. That. Close. Waaah. He just stood there for a long time and he really took his time to look at all the fans in our section, as well as those sitting on the seats below. I was busily waving my lightstick at him because I was thinking he was looking for his fans. Whenever he would look in our direction, ahjumma would point at my banner. /cries. She’s the best. I think Wooyoung really did see it. Lol. He would’ve been blind to miss it I was right in front of him ahahaha. He was wearing sunglasses so I couldn’t tell if he was making eye contact or looking right past me. He waved only once in our direction and gave a small smile. That moment alone made my heart jump so much. I wanted to yell at him and call his name but all the other hottests in my section were really quiet. They would just wave their lightsticks and smile excitedly but never scream at him. I got shy ahaha I regret it a tiny bit but seeing him so close is already so much more than I ever hoped for! He stayed for a long time, I think until halfway through the second verse. I observed how his jeans fit so well and he was wearing a white t-shirt, a coat and sneakers. I wish he didn’t wear the coat tho. Haha he didn’t have to hide that hot bodeh. XD

Right after Lasting Heart, they would do random vocalizations it was quite amusing. Junho would do scales and Chansung would try singing his lines again to make sure he’s hitting the notes. So cute. Chansung’s mic had some problems and staff kept coming on stage to fix his mic. the boys kept talking to entertain us while Chan’s mic was getting fixed. 

Next song is Take Off! To be honest, all the things that happened after Wooyoung came to our side was such a blur. Haha. Junho was the next one who also came by our side. He just stood by the edge of the stage for a looong time. He just stood there so sexily. I remember admiring his jawline, it was just so defined and hot. The blonde hair looks even sexier up close. Uggh. I think he stayed a long time because of all the junho fans in our row. He kept waving at us and the fans below. At the end of Take Off, Junbros did some musical-sounding vocalizations. they were just doing vocalizations but their voices sounded so hot and sexy LOL. While talking, they kept switching between japanese and korean it was cute. I did not understand much of what they were saying but they were so cute and funny.

Third song is Next Generation! It was so much fun, just like during the concert! they didn’t do hip thrusts as enthusiastically though ahahaha but they worked hard to get the audience really hyped! I liked how they seemed so free to add in their own adlibs and lines. Taec was even doing japanese commentary at times. hahaha. FUN!

In between songs, Taec and Jun.K and Junho talked the most. Ok MC you worked hard! kkkk Next song is Give Me Love. They mainly just stayed in the main stage and did the whole choreography. I focused on watching Wooyoung at this time and I was just in awe at how well he dances. uggghhh. 

After GML, they started chatting again and Taec pointed to his shoes and apparently he said he prepared much for the rehearsal that he blinged up his shoes for the event. Haha. True enough there are shiny silver bands on both his sneakers. Hahaha. He attached them himself apparently. LOL. Jun.K started teasing him about it and took them off his shoes while Taec was busy explaining. HAHAHA. Taec then started playing with them and put them around his head, then around Jun.K’s head.. haha it was so funny!! Jun. K also did a short sample of No Love. The part where it builds up, it was sooooo good listening to him sing acapella. 

Last song is Step by Step! For this last song, Khun came by our side of the stage! He scanned the crowd as well and I flipped my fanboard to show the Philippines <3 2PM side. He stood in front of us for a long time, and jangppa ahjumma was pointing to my sign again. I thiiiiink Khun saw it and I remember he was looking at us then he sent a flying kiss to our direction! Waaaa. I really did not want to assume that it was for the sign I was holding but jangppa ahjumma started patting my back and nodding at me enthusiastically, and so did the jhottest behind me! They were motioning that the flying kiss was for me. /dies omg khuuuun! I still don’t wanna assume but KHUN IF YOU SAW IT, YOU KNOW WE’RE WAITING FOR YOU HERE, RIGHT?! XD 

After Khun left, I remember Chansung was the last one who came by. I didn’t realize he was there right away because Wooyoung was on the extended stage and I was watching him. Hihi. Good thing jangppa ahjumma tapped me to look at chansung. GAHD SO GORGEOUS. He didn’t stay long though but omg such flawlessness. Hwang Changod. 

I had so much fun at the rehearsal and I’m so grateful for the chance of seeing them up close. Even though it was just a rehearsal, the boys still sang their best and they did the choreography enthusiastically. They didn’t have to exert so much effort but they did and I love them so much for that. <3

Just forget about me ever writing short fanaccount because once I’m in front of my keyboard reminiscing memories with oppars, I just cannot stop talking. XD

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2PM 2014 Japan Arena Tour Osaka Fan Account Part 2

March 3, 2014

I arrived in Osaka on the evening of March 3. That afternoon when I left Manila, 2pm hasn’t left Korea yet. So I was quite hopeful that I’d get to see them at the airport. The concerts start the next day and I knew they had to arrive that night. When I got out of immigration, I was so surprised to find out that I missed the boys’ arrival by only 15-20 minutes! Ugh. I was quite frustrated because my flight was delayed. Ugggh. My plane was supposed to arrive before 8pm but I remember sitting on the Manila runway for like 15 minutes before the plane took off and also we were waiting on the Osaka runway for another 10 minutes before we were allowed to get off. That was disappointing. But we were gonna see them the next day anyway so I didn’t dwell on it much. ^0^

March 4, 2014: Concert Day One!

We did not schedule any sightseeing for this day. Haha! We decided to devote the whole morning for fangood purchasing, the afternoon for getting to know the area and the evening for the concert! My friend nana queued for the fangoods really early that day because she wanted to get a Pan. K plushie. We met with her and just chatted while waiting for the fangoods booth to start selling. It was really so cold that morning and the wind sure wasn’t making it easier haha! When we arrived at around 10am, the line was already veryyyy long. It stretched all the way through the side of Osaka Jo Hall and we couldn’t even see the end of the line anymore! At 12 nn, the line finally started moving! Woohoo! Unfortunately, Nana did not get to buy Pan. K as it got sold out so early! But we were so close! There were less than 10 people in front of us when the plushie got sold out. The ladies working the booth were all Japanese so thankfully there was a merch card on the table and I’d just point to each one I wanted and say how many I wanted with my fingers. Haha! Other than the fangoods booth, there was also a smaller booth selling 2pm albums and DVDs as well as a Hottest Japan sign up booth. We tried asking to sign up for it but you need to be Japanese or at least have Japanese details like an address, phone number and ID in Japan. After buying all our fangoods, we decided we’d bring them back to the hotel first since they were too heavy to bring around all day. Had some yummy curry tonkatsu for a late lunch before heading back to the Hall. That afternoon, we just hung out around Osaka Castle Park. There was a huge fountain right by the entrance of the hall and a lot of Hottests were just hanging out there. There were some fans giving away support banners, solo stage lightsticks, photocards and buttons. It was such a fun and friendly atmosphere. ^0^

Concert time! Our seats that day were really good. We were on the second floor, just about eye-level with the stage and we were dead center, in the first row. Awesome! We were right above the sound and control booth and because of the staff standing right below us, I was so scared to take any pictures or fancams! Haha. I found that the Japanese really do follow rules, and that’s so amazing to me who lives in Manila and sees cars parked right in front of a no parking sign. Lol. At the entrance, the usher will just ask you if you are bringing in a camera and they don’t bother checking. Honesty policy yo! If you say you don’t have, you’re free to go in, if you do have, you can leave it at the package counter. Inside the hall, there were also ushers holding up signs saying no taking pictures and so on. Before the start of the concert, two staffs came onstage and talked about the camera policy as well. They talked for a long time and only in Japanese so I didn’t understand what they said. But there was a huge “No Camera / No Video / No Upload” sign onscreen so I got the message kkkk. Whatever they said must be quite convincing because I really did not see anyone taking photos the whole time. How k-unnirs be ninjas and manage to take good photos/fancams are a mystery to me.

When the lights turned off, everyone turned on their lightsticks and It was so beautiful! standing in our rainbow light ocean/galaxy is truly special. Everyone was holding a lightstick (or two!) and it really felt that Hottests were one. The rainbow is truly a rainbow, it’s hard to tell which color stands out the most, or which color has the least lights. Standing there you just see a lovely galaxy of lights in all colors coming together and despite their differences, looking like one unified ocean. Hottests and 2PM are really special and unique and I thought our ocean truly reflects that <3 standing in the middle of it for the first time gave me so much feels. It made me so proud to be a Hottest, and so happy to be part of this wonderful fandom.

My main concern for that first night was just to watch and enjoy everything. I did not want to take pics or videos, and I did not plan to do livetweets either. The whole intro video was a screamfest! Hottests screamed at the top of their lungs each time a member was on screen all the way up to the very end. Haha I call it the get-all-the-screams-out­-of-the-way period. I found that they really don’t scream or yell out their feels during performances. They would do organized fanchants but not random screaming (lol like in Manila where ppl would just be screaming the whole time) The hottests would really listen to the boys singing and not spoil it with fangirl screams. That took some getting used to for me as I found myself trying to hold back my screams and wait for the appropriate time to do so. Usually can only scream at the very end of a song or at the start of a new song. Also when the members do something sexy or naughty like ripping shirts for I’m Your Man and “kissing” dancers behind umbrellas during Falling in Love. But in the end I really appreciated that custom because I can really listen to 2pm singing and appreciate their voices.

The concert started with a series of upbeat sexy songs – Winter Games, I’m Your Man and Lasting Heart. The stage lights were just amazing! I would go again just to see those lights moving to 2pm’s music ahaha. They came out of the extended stage wearing red coats and white pants. I love oppars in white pants XD Their vocals are all soooo good. I remember thinking how amazing they sound when they started singing Winter Games. Of course Jun. K is flawless but omg wooyoung and khun’s vocals were so smooth too! Chansung had really improved over the years and now I’m no longer scared he’d sing off key or something hahaha. Taec’s sexy rapping is the best, as always, but Junho was straining his voice a bit from time to time that poor bb. I honestly did not think much of Lasting Heart when I heard it on the album but it’s a good song for a concert, it can really get your blood pumping (especially that beat for the intro – that got me so excited). The verses also build up well for the choruses and I would love just listening to it while waving my lightstick to the beat. The first set ended with GAME OVER. Oh boy oh boy, This is a stage that Game Over deserves. I’m glad this is where I saw it for the first time. I’ve always thought that a song like Game Over is the best for a big stage with all the fancy effects and Japan really went all out with it – the stage lights were so on point and the bursts of fire on stage added fuel to the intensity of the song. For Wooyoung’s bridge part, they put in some fire effects on the LED screen behind him and it was so awesome!! Oppar on fiiiiire! The whole performance was so epic! I have no other words. It was just so damn amazing!

They had a short talk afterward. The members did individual introductions and I think they started talking about their memories in Osaka. From what I understood, they talked about their previous arena tours there and also their USJ concert. Chansung was making a bunch of jokes as well and he was getting bullied by the older members. Haha! Chan, Taec and Jun.K are the most talkative. Junho was quite talky too but Wooyoung and Khun would usually stay quiet on the side ahaha. Taec and Jun. K could speak in Japanese quickly while Chansung had to stop and think from time to time but he talks the longest. Hehe.

Next up is what I call the happy set - they came out in white suits (with orange flower designs kkk) and sang Step by Step. I love it when Wooyoung smiles and when the camera shows him on the big screen while singing his part and smiling, I would just melt a little bit each time /sighs. Khun and Chan does a bit of exchange of lines for their part and its so cute coz they make the most adorable cutie faces on screen. Junbros do some harmonies near the end and they’re so gooood~ Right after is Next Generation. I think this is my favorite performance of the whole concert! It’s just so much fun! I especially looooove the hip thrusting choreography kkkk. Wooyoung and Chansung really get into it and they do it so hot and sexily. Taec does his hip thrust part so greasily ahahaaa. There’s also a part when Jun.K stands in front of the big LED screen on the 2nd floor of the stage and he waves his arms and its like lights are shooting out of his hands. Its so awesome!  Then Junho comes out of the middle door underneath him and they walk altogether to the extended stage. So hot! Then there’s the whole towel waving move that everybody in the arena does! When I first read fanaccounts about it, I thought it was lame but trust me its not!! It’s so much fun and everybody does it together! Everybody takes out a tour towel or they just wave their lightsticks and its just so much fun to dance along! Next Generation was my least favorite in the album, honestly. But its so good live! I can picture it on next tours joining the Take off /10 out of 10/ Hands Up party setlist.

Next is Junho solo! He jumps out from the center of the stage and it’s so explosive! He has a mini micstand and he just runs around all over the stage. The song is so much fun and everybody gets to yell out HEY! YOU! With him for the choruses. The song is such a good jam, I enjoyed just bouncing along to the song! Right after is Khun solo and it starts out quite mellow but when he comes out he’s so handsome in his pilot suit, especially the part where he takes off his aviators /squeals <3333

Khun’s solo easily segways to the sweet song set - Only Girl and Falling in Love. Their sweet voices for Only Girl <33 They do Falling in Love with the female dancers. They use umbrellas playfully and there are parts when Khun and Jun.K lean in to ‘kiss’ their partners but cover themselves with umbrellas. Cue screaming! Haha! They also carry the dancers around in their arms at some point. Cue more screaming. Hahaha! I also remember seeing Taec’s umbrella turning inside out ahahhaa and he gives it a few jabs to turn back the right way ahaha that troll. It’s really funny seeing it.

Next is the game~ I don’t remember much from the first day anymore. Huhu. I should’ve written this down earlier! All I remember is Jun. K lost. Hahaha! They’re really funny and even when I don’t understand what they’re saying pretty soon they’d start doing some stupid things onstage and I’d just laugh XD

After the games was the sexy setlist. It starts with ADTOY. In split seconds they turn from trolls onstage to sexy hot men lifting their shirts ughh. They do the MBC gayo choreography (the one with the body waves) and its sooo sexy I love it. I also love that they show them in black and white on the stage screens – it just makes it even sexier! Then without missing a beat, they do Beautiful, Missing You and JWY Solo Give Up. /DEAD/

Wooyoung’s solo. HUHU. NAPPEUN NAMJA. TT______TT he’s so hot and sexy it hurts. The blue ocean fits really well with the song /cries. It starts with his soft singing and the stage is filled with fog – it really sets the mood. Then the song picks up speed and next thing he’s on the extended stage and he’s ready for the dance break.  JWY dance break is so hotttt. And the entire arena is chanting Jang Wooyoung! Jang Wooyoung! I really love it when he dances and here the choreography is quite badass not to mention the dancers ripping off his shirt o-<-< the last part when he just stands onstage shirtless would’ve brought me to tears if I wasn’t so distracted with his abs. uggh. He stands there having given up his pride for the girl he loves. UGH UGH UGH JANG WOOYOUNG UGHHH. Who is the girl who broke your heart and you so desperately want back?? HUHUHU I want you to be happy so I hope she takes you back, oppar. Or, move on and find a woman better for you, one who wont break your precious heart ;;____;;

I honestly had to take a seat after seeing Give Up for the first time. The performance took away all my energy and left me breathless. Plus our seat gave me a nice frontal view of oppar especially the last part I felt he was looking right in our direction. Ughh. I sat down to collect myself while Jun. K’s intro video started playing. The panda head playing the piano onstage was so eerie but when Jun. K finally came out, he just blew everyone away with this vocals! WOW JUN. K WOW. So flawless! This was another song I thought was 100x better live! Even the part when he just sits and plays the piano with panda head was so dramatic. And the emotions he pulls in while singing.. his musical training really shows. It’s just so impressive! At the very end, I was so amazed my mouth was just dropped open and I could not scream so I end up just clapping my heart out.

Give Me Love + Again and Again with the sexy micstand remix. I will never get tired of the micstand remix ugh don’t kill me but I find this sexier than Missing You. Lol.

Next is channie solo! This one is really impressive for me. Maybe I just have so much overflowing and misplaced chanfeels but I really did love his solo stage. Its right up there with Jun.K and Woo’s lol. The dramatic modern dance at the beginning was sooooo good. I could really feel it ;;~~~;; when it ended and the female dancer leaves chansung on stage, the whole arena was dead silent. It was that moving, yes. Then he takes a few moments to catch his breath then stands up, just wearing that loose white shirt, slacks and barefooted, and takes the microphone. He just stands there in the middle for his solo but its so moving. I would watch his expression from the big screen and you can totally feel the hurt and pain in his face. Actor hwang chansung!! You can tell he’s really immersed himself in it and he’s even tearing up in the end. Seeing his face made me want to cry too! When I think about what they say that a singer must feel the emotion he’s conveying 1000 times before he can make the audience feel it, it makes me wonder how much chansung is drowning in his emotions when he can make me feel like that!

The whole number is so heavy and like Wooyoung’s solo, I had to sit down and breathe afterward. I was still gathering myself when Taec’s solo Intro video started playing and next thing I knew, I was in the middle of a green ocean. I honestly thought the green ocean was most impressive. Taecstans are quick in bringing out their green lightsticks. Either there were so many taecstans that day or green is just so bright that it looks very impressive. How I wish yerin was there to perform with Taec but anyway, I looove this song. Most of it is in English so I felt free to sing along yerin’s parts hihi. <33

Hanarete Itemo. If Wooyoung and Chan’s solos brought me close to tears, this one undoubtedly made the tears fall. Pink ocean was all set and ready even before Taec started singing. Hottests were singing along too, and Hottests’ voice singing together is just the sweetest. I don’t have any more words to explain this but I just really really appreciated how special this song was ;;~~~~;;

They have another talk afterward, mostly talking about their solo songs and Taecwoo getting teased about who their songs were for. Kkkkk Taec that greasy man, shamelessly saying It’s Only You is for Hottests. Pssh. Ahahaha!

Now the last official set. They start with Heartbeat on the main stage and then Merry Go Round. Waaah MGR. I am a fucking proud jangppa. The song is sooooo good live! I thought Wooyoung assigned the parts really well. I love how the song builds up in the verses - from Chansung and Khun singing softly, to Taec and Jun. K’s rapping, then the drumbeat drops and Wooyoung sings the chorus with much intensity and Junho flawlessly takes over… just wow. Plus the choreography! I have no more words. The whole song is a dramatic story told very well onstage. The last song is Don’t Stop Can’t Stop. Such a fitting song to end it! The set just really builds up, you know… From Heartbeat to MGR and then DSCS! To me, this is the 2pm I love the most. Throughout the concert they showed different sides – sweet, happy, sexy… But this.. Tough, badass 2pm is my most favorite! My strong OT6! 2PM and Hottests, Don’t Stop Can’t Stop until we reach the top!!

They exit the stage and then show a BTS video. The BTS is so sweet, they show 2pm all touchy and trolly backstage. They show video shooting and rehearsals.. Lots of smiling and happiness and love and fun. Then they come out wearing encore outfits – day 1 was jeans and black tour shirt. They say final goodbyes one by one. Wooyoung keeps it really short and Chansung takes the longest time ahaha. Taec does this bit where he signals hottests to scream then signals us to stop. Lol Taec. I can tell he really enjoys it. Ahaha.

Take Off! 10 out 10! Hands Up! Like WTII, they set up the encore to be the ultimate party atmosphere. JHottests are quite reserved though and they would just still wave lightsticks in an orderly fashion. Seriously, throughout the concert, they would all instinctively move their lightsticks to the beat of the music so they were always synchronized. I couldn’t go and dance around as much as I liked but it was okay haha I still enjoyed it a lot. I really love the part of Wooyoung’s bridge in Hands Up. He would still be standing on the extended stage alone and the rest of the members and dancers were at the main stage already. Then at the very end of the bridge (ohhh-oh-oh~~) the beat drops, he jumps up and the confetti foil shoots out everywhere! Just woooow~<333

After the confetti foil falls, everyone in the 1st floor would be busy picking up confetti so the members would wait haha. They’d just stand there in front for a while, waving at everybody. Then when everybody’s settled, they’d bow together and one by one exit… The End :(

After the con, they’d play an instrumental of Beautiful Day and that’s just lovely. Sitting, listening to that and recalling the amazing night it was. <3

After writing it all down, I just realized how good the concert setlist was planned out! Hehe.

After the concert, we met Rumi (The JHottest who got us tix) and she took us to the boys’ favorite ramen place! Junho, Chansung, Taec and Khun actually went there when they arrived the night before., The ramen is sooo good. It rained while we were waiting for a seat outside but it was so worth standing in the rain for!

That’s it for Day 1~! Lol I’ve written such a long paper on it. Ahaha! I’ll write about the Rehearsal and Day 2 tomorrow. Don’t worry, it’ll be much shorter because I would be talking about my feels per song much anymore ahahaaa.  ;)

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2PM 2014 Japan Arena Tour Osaka Fan Account Part 1

OSAKA TRIP 2014! 2PM Japan Arena Tour <3

So I’m finally writing my fanaccount. This will be a very long one though, fair warning. XD

Backstory (lol go ahead and skip this if you want)

Me and @mische_xv decided to go to Japan for 2PM’s Arena Tour last October. I remember having dinner with my family and getting a message from Mica saying there’s a seat sale for Osaka and it coincides with 2pm’s Osaka concerts. I’ve been really wanting to go to Japan since last March 2013 after seeing them perform I’m Your Man during WTII Manila. But I couldn’t decide right away. Haha. Of course I had to think about my vacation leaves for work, my grad school schedule, and exactly how big a hit this trip will make on my fangirl fund. Haha! I decided I’d wait til after dinner to decide. At this point, Mica already booked her tickets! When I finally got online about an hour later, I saw that the dates I wanted were still on sale… A few minutes later, Mica messaged me saying she already found us tickets for 2 of the 3 concert days. A kind j-hottest had extra tix and were willing to sell at the exact price she bought them. By this time, I thought there was practically no reason not to go. Haha. So I went ahead and booked the flight! Roundtrip Manila-Osaka only cost me less than 200 USD.  Fast forward to about one week later, we got tickets for the one other night as well. So we were all set to seeing 2PM for three nights in Osaka~ <3

I want to talk about how we got our Japanese concert tickets as well. This might be helpful for anyone else wanting to go see them on tour in Japan~ This 2014 arena tour was announced way back in August at the Japanese fanmeeting. Now there are different ticket pre-selling periods for official Japan Hottests. The first round is for Official Japan Hottest 1, second round for Official Japan Hottest Mobile members and a third round for Japan Hottest 3. I’m actually not so clear on this, I think Hottest 1 can also buy on the second and third round as well… Anyway, after pre-selling to the official JHottests, the remaining tickets are open for public selling. For each selling period, a member can only purchase a maximum of 2 tickets per concert. Now how were we able to get extra tickets from J-Hottests? The catch is, when you buy the tickets, you don’t know what seat you get. You will only know your seat number 2 weeks before the concert. So with this system, hottests actually buy as many tickets as they can during pre-selling and find non-members or international fans to sell the other tickets to. Since they are the ticket-buyers, they will see the seats first and they can pick which one they’d like to keep for themselves. This actually works really well for us international fans who would probably get no shot of getting tickets otherwise. Haha! I mean, I cannot sign up for Offical Japan Hottest because you need to be Japanese or at least have Japanese details like an address in Japan, phone number, etc. Plus, the sign-up sheet is in Japanese so.. howww? XD I also have no idea how to maneuver the online ticketing websites for public selling (assuming there are any left). Not to mention I’d need lightning fast internet to get those tickets before scalpers do. Ultimately, I’m very okay with getting a seat on the second floor of the arena. All that matters is I’m there. XD

For us, we only started looking for tickets after the pre-selling was already over. We were just very lucky to have quickly found JHottests who were selling their extra tickets. Twitter’s RT system really works wonders hahaha. Mica found the tickets for the first two nights and she was okay with not going for the third night but I really wanted to just go all out and go three for three. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it’d be. I just simply wrote tweet in English asking for anyone who had extra tickets, my friend Honey asked her friend to translate it to Japanese, I posted that, my lovely tlist friends retweeted it for me and no kidding, less than an hour later, a JHottest messaged us already about having extra tickets for the date we wanted. Easy as pie. Hahaha! If you’d like to save yourself from the stress of not knowing whether you’d get tickets or not, just plan ahead and ask a JHottest friend to buy for you before pre-selling starts. The JHottests I met were really very sweet and nice. They were even very helpful when we were planning what to do in Osaka. <3

For this tour, 2pm also organized an Open Rehearsal event. It’s open to everyone and basically it’s a lottery. You just have to buy an album, find the serial number in it, enter that and your email address on some website and you will instantly know if you get in or not. I only ordered one GO2PM album – the version B. Thankfully, when I entered the serial number on the website, it said I won the rehearsal pass! Woohoo! I am so thankful that my luck always seems to coincide with 2pm things haha! Last year for the WTII Manila concert, I also won meet and greet passes. ;P

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Happy Birthday Minjun!

One year older? Already? Wow. So, here we are again… That one time in the year when one celebrates all the reasons why they love someone, and will always do.

There are so many things that could be said about you. How talented you are, strong, funny, determined, spontaneous, cheesy, loving, moving, passionate, playful, charismatic, creative, warm, friendly… And the list goes on and on. As an idol, and as a person, you went through so many things already, and yet, you never gave up, and never changed. Thanks to your own strengh, your family, friends, and fans. Thank you for giving us the occasion to know you a little more every day, and learn from you. Thank you for giving your best and pursuing your dreams despite everything. What will you wish today, when blowing your candles? I hope you’ll be able to celebrate your birthday with your loved ones and spend an awesome day, full of laughs and love. As for the upcoming days, and years… Same thing, right? There’s nothing more worth wishing than for you to be happy.

Once again, Happy birthday to you, the master of capslocking, the daegu gangsta (and grandpa), and nicknames giver!

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7/ Reasons To Love JYP Nation | ‘Kkap, Ssanti, Dirty'

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hyper maknae.

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