JYP Nation Seoul Trip ♥ Part 1

As soon as JYPE announced JYP Nation 2014, my heart was set on going. I’ve always wanted to go see a JYP Nation concert because I love all their artists and nothing was stopping me from seeing them this time. 

They initially announced Seoul, Tokyo and Hong Kong. Tokyo was out of the question because it was too expensive for me to fly there haha. I initially thought of going to Hong Kong but because there was only 1 concert, I had my reservations. 

I decided I’ll just try to see if I can get tickets for the Seoul concert first and decide later. I thought it would be next to impossible to get Seoul concert tickets because of all the fandoms wil want to go~~

On ticketing day, I even enlisted the help of my brother to help me get tickets for both days lol! I assigned him to purchase Day 1 tickets, and I bought Day 2 tickets. Haha! I remember being so nervous waiting for ticketing to start! I was refreshing and refreshing the interpark website constantly ㅋㅋㅋ

After one of the most stressful 30 minutes of my life ㅋㅋㅋ, i ended up successfully getting standing tickets for both days of the concert \O/

A couple of weeks later, we booked plane tickets and then our hostel accomodations. The days went by so quickly and just like that, it was time to fly to  Seoul again. It felt like everything was happening in a blur and it was just so surreal!

Day 1: August 7, Thursday

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Unnieeee! Will you go to 2pm Seoul Concert????????

I won’t <////3

It’s way too soon and I have no money ahahaha!

Please help me pray they’ll come to my country instead! hahaha!


I read on your twitter fan account that you saw Park Jeahyung in Seoul! So he's still at JYPE? He's still with 5live? I heard he left before?

Yes we did!! I heard that rumor before too and I was really happy that we saw him. We saw him go inside the JYPE training center with Brian Kang so I guess its safe to say he’s still with JYPE. He also still performed with 5live at the JYPE trainee showcase yesterday so I guess its safe to say that he’ll still debut with them… Haha!

We’ll just have to wait for his debut patiently ;____;

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Can I ask how much money the ticket cost for One Mic? And what the most expensive price was? :O

JYP Nation One Mic tickets was 100,000 KRW each! The great thing about it is all seats in all sections is 100,000 KRW! Whether you bought a ticket at the standing section or seated in the 2nd or 3rd floor, its all the same price ^___^

It’s just that the tickets sold out pretty quickly, especially the good spots in standing and seated sections. If you decided to buy your tickets late, you’d just have to make do with whatever tickets were left~

I thought it was reallyyyy cheap! Especially since I paid about 3x that amount for moshpit tickets when 2pm had their concert in my country <//3


Hello!! How much do you usually spend when you're going to Korea? and about how much pocket money you bring there? In peso... coz I'm planning, but I still want a tip from like you :) Thanks!

Hi!!! This is quite difficult to answer because it all depends on what you plan to do there~ Since my last trip was mainly for fangirling and we didn’t go to any tourist spots, our budget was a lot lower! 

Accommodation: We just stayed in guesthouses/backpacker inns. This cost us only about PHP 800 per person per night ‘

Food: Each meal would vary from PHP 200 to PHP 450 max. I would set aside a budget of 10,000 KRW per day and it wasn’t really hard to stick to it! Haha!

Transportation: On my last trip I only spent PHP 900 total on transpo for 5 days. But since we attended concerts or just hung out at JYPE.. I’d only go to 1-2 places a day. If you would be visiting many tourist spots, expect your budget to go much higher ^^

That covers most of the basics and the rest is up to you~ Just add in what you plan to spend on shopping, tourist spot entrance fees, additional transpo fees, etc! 

Hope this answers your question! Let me know if you have questions on other things and I’d be happy to help you out~^^ enjoy your trip!!

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