Seoul Fangirl Trip 2014 ♥ Part 5-B

lol so its been 2 and a half months since my trip but i haven’t finished writing this OTL. I am determined to finish this though! I’m about to go back to Seoul in a few weeks (fingers crossed everything works out!) and i want to finish this, more for personal documentation purposes than anything else ^____^

So this is Part5-B! I realized I forgot to put in all the exciting fangirl stuff that happened on our Day 5 - April 29! I’ll be mostly referring to my tweets of the next couple of days to help me remember the stuff that happened. So thankful I was tweeting everything coz to be honest, so many things happened and they all happen so fast my memory is too poor to remember it all! Haha! And thank you twitter archive for making backtracking easy for me :))

After visiting CS Gym, we hiked back to JYPE to camp out for the rest of the day. It’s the eve of Wooyoung’s birthday and we wanted to celebrate it there~~

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How long have you been a fan of 2pm? Are you a student?

Been a fan since January 2010! I’m in grad school getting a master’s degree but I am also working full time ^___^


Did you join a tour group when you went to Seoul?

No I didn’t! I just researched about stuff to do by googling travel blogs and browsing through Seoul’s tourism website :)

I’m not really a big fan of the way tour groups have strictly structured itineraries and schedules. I like being able to go around on my own pace and go to places I like. The only way to do that is go DIY! It’s not that hard, there’s LOTS of travel blogs and kpop fan blogs that can guide you as you plan your trip~

If you ever need help with anything specific, message me personally and I’ll definitely try to help you! ^____^v

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Hello... I follow you on twitter and I'm sorry to ask but I'm curious.. You're tweeting a lot about GOT7 these days. Do you like them more than 2PM now?

Hi ;;______;;

I love 2pm the most and I will forever feel the deepest connection with 2pm. I don’t think anything can ever change that~ I’ve been a Hottest for almost 4 years now and oppars have been a part of my life every single day since then ;;_____;;

Just because I’m discovering a new love with GOT7 doesn’t change anything about what I feel with 2pm. I haven’t been spazzing about 2pm because really, there’s nothing to spazz about :((

oppars are on hiatus and while I’m waiting for their comeback, entertaining myself by following GOT7’s activities has been a lot of fun! 


Hey! I read all of your posts of your trip in Seoul and scrolling down your Tumblr I read that you are Filipina. I am Filipina too but I was born and raised in Italy and because the next year I will be 18 years old, my parents will give me for my present a flight for Seoul. I'm curious about a thing though, how are filipinos viewed by koreans? I'll be going to Seoul alone so I'm curious to know how koreans will treat me... Sorry if I take your time

Hi!! Wow,I’m excited for you! Seoul is amazing! I always find myself wanting to go back~ I’m not sure how to answer your question though, I can only speak for the Koreans I have met while I was there. They were very kind and friendly! They are always very eager to help, often going out of their way just to help us, and I am so very thankful for that! 

I personally found no difference with how I’m treated compared to other tourists, and also no difference in how I’m treated in other countries I visited. If you’re worried, don’t be!! I find that koreans are very proud of their country and love entertaining visitors who show appreciation for their country too! So come to Seoul with an eager heart and an open mind and I’m sure you’ll have the best time!!

The first time I visited Seoul 3 years ago, there was even one instance where we were at Hongdae area asking for directions to Coffee Prince Cafe… We asked this girl who looked like a university student but unfortunately we couldn’t understand what each other was saying so we both said sorry to each other and she left while we tried studying our map again… A couple minutes later, she actually came back for us! She was so sweet, it seemed like she finally understood what we were asking and she took us to Coffee Prince Cafe herself~ We still couldn’t communicate with each other well so we depended on hand gestures and smiling. 

Another story I want to share is during my most recent trip to Seoul. The day we were supposed to leave Seoul, we were running late and so we ended up rushing from our guesthouse to the subway station with our huge baggages. By the time we got to the station, we were so out of breath! Haha! And unfortunately, there was a flight of stairs we had to climb (no escalators T___T) I had a huge bag and a smaller bag at the time and i brought my small bag up the stairs first and went back down for the huge bag. As I was dragging my huge bag up the stairs slowwwwly, an elder man suddenly rushed to my side and brought my bag up the stairs ;____; he was a father with his 2 sons. He didn’t even say a word, he just smiled at me warmly and helped me. He was my angel that day, I couldn’t thank him enough!

I want to share more stories but this reply is getting waaay long ahahaha! Anyway, my point is just, don’t worry about how Koreans might treat you as a foreigner, or as a Filipino :) They’re natural kindness and hospitality will surprise you~~ <3

Oh and if I can give you a tip, if you’re ever lost or if you have questions, your best shot is asking a university student or young professionals in their 20’s or 30’s~ Just, demographically speaking, they’re most likely to understand and speak english well :)

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Jang Wooyoung Philippines: PH Heart Wooyoung 2014 Birthday Project

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PH Heart Wooyoung: Birthday Gifts to Wooyoung


Thank you so much to all donors and everyone who supported the project! 

1. Flask in a Book ^____^v

2. Dried Mangoes and Polvoron from the Philippines!

3. Shirts

4. Philippine Handicrafts

5. Wild Fox Magnetic Board

6. Piano Nano Blocks

7. Notebook and Pens (from Julie)

8. Bag and Hat (from Cath)

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PH Heart Wooyoung Project ›


Details about our 2014 birthday project for Wooyoung is here:




This is Love 0430


2PM Philippines



♥♥♥ Thank you to all our Volunteers and Donors! ♥♥♥

Alex Rivera
Allyssa Marie C. Dolino

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Seoul Fangirl Trip 2014 ♥ Part 5

Day 5: April 29, Tuesday!

The eve of Wooyoung’s birthday! We planned on spending the day at JYPE but first, before we set up camp at Dunkin Donuts, we wanted to visit CS Gym!


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